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Achieve design freedom through manufacturing excellence

Bring your project to life as you intended. You set the parameters, and Inventix Manufacturing fulfills them. Inventix delivers high-precision tooling and zinc die cast components that meet your specifications, no matter how complex. No compromises.

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Tooling and Zinc Die Casting Solutions

Inventix is a company dedicated to problem solving, precision and optimal productivity, and for its expert tooling and zinc die casting knowledge. Collaborate with in-house engineers and specialists using state-of-the-art technologies to achieve quality that exceeds industry standards.

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Maximize your ROI

Profit from hands-on project management from a single-
source provider
. Maximize your ROI through cost-efficient processes and superior process controls.

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Zinc Die Casting
Success Story

See how we achieved a flash-free zinc cosmetic casting for the Hummer H2 shift handle.

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