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Inventix Manufacturing Provides Complex, Tight-Tolerance Zinc Die Casting

zinc diecast auto doorlock

Inventix Manufacturing offers comprehensive cast-to-print zinc die casting production capabilities with specialized expertise in complex, tight-tolerance components. Inventix uses the top zinc alloys of Zamak 3, Zamak 5, ZA-8 and Zamak 2, while also meeting a wide variety of part specifications, including weight ranges of 0.002 ounces (1 g) to 7 pounds (3.2 kg) and dimensional tolerances within ± .0005". Specialists in net-shape, flash-free, zinc castings, Inventix has the flexibility to handle low- or high-volume production runs and work within very short lead times. Available within its state-of-the-art facility are a variety of machine types and sizes, including modern Techmire machines with fast injection speeds and cycle times, and for larger castings, conventional, real-time controlled Frech machines, each with full robotic cell technology and locking force ranging from 200 to 640 ton capability.

Inventix Manufacturing also provides a full range of secondary operations to deliver castings and assemblies ready for use, including machining, finishing, assembly and testing. A variety of surface finishes are also available, including electroplating, chromating, polishing, painting, powder coating and others.

zinc diecast lock cylinder

Complementing its production casting capabilities, Inventix Manufacturing also integrates its in-house engineering, die design and tool building capability for efficient and streamlined project flow. All tool maintenance and die repairs are handled internally, providing another level of value and satisfaction to its customers.



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