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Inventix Manufacturing Brings Experience and Precision to Aluminum Die Cast Tooling

Inventix Manufacturing offers precision aluminum die cast tooling as well as comprehensive, in-house engineering, die design and additional tool building capabilities. Inventix uses sophisticated mold flow software and decades of tooling experience to provide customers with up-front mold analysis and design insight to achieve superior casting and the most accurate tooling possible. Incorporating seamless project flow practices, Inventix integrates strong project management and process controls along with detailed documentation throughout the tool manufacturing process.

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Aluminum tooling offers several key benefits, including fast production rates and the ability to produce precise, lightweight, high-strength products with a wide variety of intricate, near net shapes and varied finishes. Inventix Manufacturing uses the latest tooling equipment available, including high-speed milling and multiple EDM machines with “lights out” (24-hour) operation.

Inventix also provides tooling for plastic injection molds, as well as magnesium and zinc conventional die cast tooling. All are suitable for a wide variety of applications, including: automotive, RV, motorcycles, home hardware, cabinet locks, electronic connectors, electronics and more.

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In addition to providing precision tooling for a variety of applications, Inventix also serves as a best-in-class manufacturer of high-quality zinc die cast components. Inventix has the flexibility to handle low- to high-volume production runs and work within very short lead times.


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