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A Proven Reputation for Excellence

Zinc Die Cast Saddle Bag Latch

Inventix is a tool maker and zinc die casting manufacturer with a proven reputation for excellence.  We can help you raise your final products to new levels of competitiveness. Our in-house team of design engineers has successfully produced high-precision tooling and zinc die cast components over the years — from flawless chrome components for top-of-the-line motorcycles to complex, interlocking parts for sophisticated locking mechanisms.

Our experience includes an unlimited range of applications and serves all the major industries, including automotive, to electronics, military, telecommunications and more.

Tool Making Expertise

Zinc Die Cast Buehler

Our die cast tooling and plastic injection mold building capabilities are key to the success of your project. From single to multi-cavity tools, from lifters to multiple-slide actions, we have the expertise to handle all of your design requirements. Work with our tooling specialists to ensure the accuracy of your most complex products, including plastic components, zinc die castings, aluminum die castings and magnesium die castings.

Proven Zinc Die Casting Production

Our zinc die casting capabilites can help you acomplish your manufacturing goals. From porosity-free parts and highly cosmetic castings to high volumes and short lead times, we can meet your challenges. We achieve robust strength, rigidity, superior bearing properties and dimensional tolerances with unprecedented accuracy.

Zinc Die Cast fiber optic conec

Zinc Die Casting Design Insight & Collaboration

Whether your project is in the earliest stages of planning or you already have a 3D part drawing completed, our staff can collaborate with you to help you find the right solution. Learn more about how Inventix can help your zinc die casting design project or request a quote.

Precision Tooling

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Zinc Die Casting

Achieve dimensional tolerances with unprecedented accuracy. Learn more >

Go Beyond the Mold

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