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Tooling and Zinc Die Casting OEM Success Stories

Inventix Manufacturing helps customers across a range of industries overcome their most daunting tooling and zinc die casting challenges. At Inventix, we achieve unprecedented quality, precision and accuracy — even when other manufacturers say it can’t be done. And whenever possible, we incorporate cost-saving measures and increase productivity capabilities to ensure the project stays within budget and on schedule.


An engine and outboard motor manufacturer

Meeting engineering requirements and tight budgets with zinc

Zinc Die Cast Recoil Helix

Challenge: The customer tried to use plastic for a complex helix design of a starter rope recoil component for one of its small engines, but could not get the part to pass quality control tests. Part geometry and function did not allow for conventional parting lines in the helix area.

Solution: The Inventix team of design engineers was able to develop a zinc die cast solution that would easily meet the design requirements and achieve a comparable piece-price. The 44NT Techmire tool featured precise internal movement and a unique unscrewing functionality to produce a net shape component.


A global automation and control solutions manufacturer

Achieving detailed and deep features in an aluminum casting

Zinc Die Cast Gas Valve

Challenge: The cutomer had a gas valve design that required an aluminum die cast tool with uncommon precision in both temperature control and material flow to accomplish all of the intricate cores and cavity detail.

Solution: Inventix designed and developed a two-cavity tool with three slides per cavity using a vacuum-assisted method to fill the complex part. The tool successfully achieves deep core pulls with minimal draft.


Hummer H2

Flash-free zinc cosmetic casting

Zinc Die Cast Shift Handle

Challenge: For this highly cosmetic assembly, Hummer needed a die casting OEM supplier that could meet the cosmetic challenge, cast net shapes and help save on rising costs associated with post-production drilling.

Solution: Through the use of mold flow simulation and real-time control die casting machines, we were able to meet the cosmetic challenge. Our experience with high-precision tooling and flash-free components allowed us to eliminate the need for secondary operations and we were able to greatly reduce the scrap rate compared to the previous supplier.


Harley-Davidson Road King®

Highly complex and cosmetic zinc casting

Zinc Die Cast Headlamp Housing

Challenge: Harley-Davidson sought to improve the overall quality and cost-efficiency for the production of a nacelle headlight housing for its Harley-Davidson Road King® motorcycle.

Solution: Inventix produced the nacelle headlight housing (below) for the Harley-Davidson Road King® with special attention to contoured shut-off, efficient gate design and excellent venting and overflow design. The new tooling, combined with up-front mold flow simulations, eliminated piercing and drilling operations and significantly reduced the scrap rate compared to the prior supplier, giving the customer a far superior finished product.


Achieving intricacy with multiple dies

Zinc Die Cast Medical Housing

Challenge: The customer required an extremely complex mold design for creating a plastic medical device housing unit containing seven interlocking components.

Solution: Inventix designed multiple dies, including a family mold, to achieve the intricacy required for producing the customer’s component.


Enabling cost-efficient, accurate production

Zinc Die Cast Road Spike

Challenge: The customer needed to produce a road spike with a high level of precision. Other die casters had failed to tool and cast the part to the required geometry.

Solution: Inventix developed a Techmire mold to meet the geometry requirements. The mold included a three-piece, vented pie sections to achieve sharp edges that would release air pressure in a controlled, short time frame. The tool incorporated two cavities to enable cost-efficient production.


Producing intricate castings within budget

Zinc Die Cast Key Cylinder

Challenge: The customer had to produce a highly intricate key cylinder without going over budget.

Solution: Inventix added a 5th and 6th slide position to a 22NT Techmire tool with extremely tight-tolerance blade design and in-die degating. The tool incorporated two cavities to boost production and yielded totally flash-free key cylinders, eliminating the need for costly secondary operations. Not only did the tool produce high-quality, intricate castings per specification, but the customer also achieved its target piece-price.


Meeting cosmetic and complexity requirements within a short lead time

Zinc Diecast Class A Auto

Challenge: The customer required a complex tool for producing a Class A Automotive plastic part within a short lead time.

Solution: Inventix developed the tool, incorporating lifters and a hot sprue. The tool was ready for production the first time out of the box, allowing the customer to meet its deadline.


Achieving tool complexity with multiple slides

Zinc Die Cast Steering Column

Challenge: The customer needed to produce a highly complex steering column housing with multiple features and stand-offs.

Solution: Inventix created a two-cavity die that featured complicated shut-offs and effective placement of gates and vents to maneuver around multiple slides. The tool also enabled precise slide timing and sequencing for elimination of trim tool requirements.

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