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A Tool and Die Maker that Pushes the Limits of Precision

As a leading tool and die maker, Inventix Manufacturing knows you have to start with exceptional tooling to produce extraordinary castings. Our superior tooling capabilities reflect decades of experience providing solutions that meet and exceed project requirements. Fully staffed and well equipped, our tool department achieves tolerances that surpass industry standards, providing accuracy within ±0.0005 inches.

Our tool and die makers create solutions for a wide range of applications in all major industries. Customers use our tooling solutions to produce complex, highly cosmetic, flash-free components — from locking mechanisms to automotive parts, plus parts for medical, electronic, packaging, retail display and other applications.

Tool Design

Our design engineers use computerized modeling to simulate the filling, cooling and expected shrinkage for complex parts. This technique allows for thorough evaluation and refinement of the tool design before tool construction begins — and ensures that the tool will produce the best possible part with optimal production efficiencies. Inventix can also assist in formulating a comprehensive testing program to ensure the final integrity of your components.

Tool Building

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Our toolmakers craft tools in a variety of sizes and shapes with a range of optional design features, including hot runners, inserts, auto-unscrewing and many others. With our comprehensive tool and die making capabilities, we can provide single- and multi-cavity dies — as well as completely interchangeable cavities for standardization and repeatability. We can provide four-slide/Techmire tooling or conventional tooling for larger components.  Our complete range of tools include:

  • plastic injection molds
  • zinc die cast tooling
  • aluminum die cast tooling
  • magnesium die cast tooling

Tool Building Process

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To ensure complete accuracy and quality control, we follow a specific procedure for every tool building project. We partner with you throughout the process to verify that we are meeting your objectives.

  1. Receive a 3-D CAD model, tooling guidelines and standards
  2. Compare part print to model to identify any/all discrepancies, and then review and revise as needed
  3. Complete internal kickoff check sheet
  4. Develop the preliminary drawing/design
  5. Offer the drawing/design for client review and receive feedback
  6. Complete the tool design
  7. Receive client approval
  8. Begin tool construction
  9. Track and report progress of tool construction
  10. Complete the tool
  11. Provide sample parts from tool, if required
  12. Deliver the tool

Tooling Equipment

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Our tooling department uses the most advanced, state-of-the-art tool and die design equipment and software available.  High-speed CNC machining centers supply electrodes to our precision EDM machines, enabling us to produce mold cores and cavities to meet the most demanding tolerances and production schedules.

Tools Designed for Optimal Production

We understand the manufacturing challenges you face — including tight deadlines, tighter budgets and demanding design requirements. Our engineers create each tool with manufacturing excellence in mind. With a tool from Inventix, you get:

  • Unsurpassed Efficiency
  • Exceptional ROI
  • Unrivalled Time-to-Market
  • Unparalleled Longevity
  • Superior Component Integrity

Production Demands

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We make sure your tooling is done when you need it — even for short lead times. Our tooling department runs with “lights-out” (24-hour) operation to ensure that your deadlines are met.

Tool Repair and Re-building

For tool repair or design changes, our tooling team is prepared to quickly respond and get you back in production.

Complete Project Management

At Inventix, we integrate our in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities for efficient and streamlined project flow. Our overall project management ensures completion and accuracy without exception. When you choose Inventix Manufacturing as your tool and die maker, your project is guaranteed to be a success.

Engineering & Design

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Zinc Die Cast Production

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