zinc die cast tooling

Zinc Tool and Die Maker

Zinc die cast tooling offers several key benefits, including cost savings through long tool life and the ability to produce very thin walls, high tolerances and cast-to-print shapes that require no secondary machining.

CAD drawing for Hummer H2 zinc die cast tool

For example, Inventix created a conventional tool to create a highly cosmetic zinc shift handle for the Hummer H2. Through the use of mold flow simulation, we were able to design a tooling solution to meet the cosmetic challenge. Plus, our experience with high-precision tooling and flash-free zinc die casting allowed us to eliminate the need for secondary operations.

Zinc Die Cast key cylinder

For another customer, Inventix added a 5th and 6th slide position to a 22NT Techmire tool in order to produce an intricate zinc key cylinder within budget. The tool design featured extremely tight-tolerance blade design and in-die degating. Our design engineers incorporated two cavities within the tool to boost production and eliminate the need for secondary operations.

Cost-Efficient Production

Flash-free, net-shape production on time and within budget.
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Zamak and ZA-8

These zinc materials have proven successful in an unlimited range of applications. Learn more >

Go Beyond the Mold

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