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A Single Source for Design Tooling and Zinc Die Casting.

Inventix delivers solutions for all your needs under one roof: engineering and design services, as well as high-precision tooling and die cast component manufacturing. Our extensive hands-on experience and our dedication to overall project management ensure the completion and accuracy of every project. This vast knowledge qualifies us to serve as your single-source provider for all your tooling and die casting needs.

Because we control every aspect of production within our own facility, we can maintain the highest standards of quality control and excellence throughout the process. Our comprehensive capabilities include:

  • Zinc Die Cast Mold FlowDesign Assistance: Whether you need highly cosmetic zinc die casting designs or complex, hard-to-fill components, high-pressure requirements or porosity-free parts, our in-house design engineers can provide you with the most cost-efficient and comprehensive way to make sure your final product meets all your expectations. We collaborate with you on problem solving throughout the process to make sure your project goes smoothly and meets every design requirement.
  • Zinc Die Cast P6Tooling: Inventix high-precision tooling is designed for maximum tool life, helping you lower your overall costs while maintaining precision and quality. We can provide you with tooling for plastic injection molding and zinc, magnesium and aluminum die cast dies.
  • Sampling & Prototype Runs: Our prototypes provide you with an accurate way to subject a sample product to in-depth testing.
  • Zinc Die Cast TechmireZinc Die Casting Production: For short- to long-run projects and low- to high-volume zinc die casting production runs. We have the ability to expertly handle your zinc die casting project and production, even within short lead times.
  • Process Management: Inventix’s approach to process management gives customers a single, well-informed project manager who can provide detailed information at any stage of production. There is a cross-functional team approach with a designated single Account Manager to coordinate engineering, manufacturing and quality departments on each project.
  • Zinc Die Cast Zune AssemblySecondary Operations: An extensive range of in-house secondary services completes our one-stop solution offering. We provide machining, finishing, assembly and testing services. We finish all parts to meet your cosmetic requirements — from electroplating and chromating to polishing, painting, powder coating and more. With single source responsibility, we further ensure timely delivery, reduce rejects, risks and cost.

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