Zinc Die Cast Harley Davidson Nacelle Housing


Conventional Zinc Die Casting

Zinc Die Cast frech

Inventix Manufacturing uses real-time controlled Frech machines for conventional die casting to help our customers achieve design freedom with their larger zinc die casting components. We offer a full range of conventional die casting machines with locking forces of up to 640 tons and full robotic automation, including vision systems to monitor sequence operations for casting, quenching and trimming.

How Conventional Die Casting Frech Machines Work

Conventional die casting Frech machines use a real-time controlled injection system with a dynamic servo valve on the rod side of the injection cylinder. This technology incorporates multiple speed and pressure settings along a multi-phase injection path, allowing for fast injection speeds and short cavity fill rates with higher pressure for superior part quality.

Zinc Die Cast Frech

Conventional die casting Frech machines allow for complete process monitoring with SPC capabilities — and are also capable of decelerating at the end of the injection stroke to eliminate pressure peaks and flash, allowing us to produce flash-free, tight-tolerance and chrome-plated die castings. Robotic part extraction, servo-driven die spray units, automation trim presses and auto-trim press unloaders allow for a fully automated process.

Conventional Die Casting Benefits

Conventional die casting Frech technology provides you with several key benefits for your zinc die casting projects:

Zinc Die Cast roboticarm
  • Highly efficient, repeatable movements that are proportionally controlled
  • Rugged locking units that resist flexing and twisting
  • Lower costs for your overall project, based on savings on materials and labor
  • Faster cycle times and increased productivity, helping you improve your time-to-market (TTM) rates
  • Completely flash-free, net shape castings
  • Highly precise, top-quality parts
  • Decreased die changeover time
  • Automatic part separation from runner and in-die degating to eliminate secondary operations, such trimming, tapping and drilling

Best-in-Class Zinc Die Casting

Zinc Die Cast ridercover

As a best-in-class manufacturer of flash-free, zinc die casting components, Inventix provides parts within a wide variety of part specifications, including weight ranges from 0.002 ounces (1 g) to 7 pounds (3.2 kg), shot weighs up to 10 pounds and dimensional tolerances within ± 0.0005 inches. With years of experience manufacturing cast-to-print zinc die casting, we have the flexibility to handle low- to high-volume production runs and to work within very short lead times.

Unlimited Applications

Inventix develops innovative solutions for a variety of applications.
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Intricate Zinc Tooling

Inventix developed a two-cavity tool to create a highly intricate key cylinder.
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Go Beyond the Mold

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