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Best-in-Class Zinc Die Casting

Inventix Manufacturing is a proven zinc die casting manufacturer that can help you accomplish all your goals. Our specialists work in a wide range of sizes and shapes, creating solutions for an unlimited number of applications in all major industries. Examples of our zinc die castings include lock components, gear housings, connectors, clamps, automotive rear view mirror mounts, police road spikes, functional and decorative parts, small engine carburetors, point-of-purchase security devices and more.

Depend on Inventix as your zinc die casting manufacturer for highly cosmetic and complex, difficult-to-fill parts. Specializing in flash-free, net-shape production, we ensure that your zinc die cast components meet your exact design specifications — on time and within budget.


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The Inventix team of design engineers, tool makers and casting experts collaborate with you to develop the best possible tooling option to meet your exact requirements, whether it is new or existing tooling. With a core competency in both tool making and die casting, we use the latest state-of-the-art software and equipment, to be the best single-source provider for your zinc tooling and zinc die casting needs.

Zinc Alloys

To produce exceptional components, we use four top-quality zinc alloys — Zamak 3, Zamak 5, ZA-8 and Zamak 2. These materials exhibit high levels of strength and allow us to create a variety of complex, tight-tolerance parts.

Tolerances & Weights

We manufacture zinc die cast components in any size — from 0.002 ounces (1 g) to 7 pounds (3.2 kg) — even meeting your high-pressure and porosity-free requirements. With Inventix, you can achieve robust strength, rigidity, superior bearing properties and dimensional tolerances within ± 0.0005 inches.

Production Runs

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You set the scope of the project — and we’ll make it happen — for short or long runs, low or high volumes and even extremely short lead times. Receive accurate prototypes that stand up to your toughest in-depth testing. As your zinc die casting manufacturer, Inventix delivers with rapid production rates to stay on schedule. We minimize your per-piece costs by controlling the entire production process and minimizing the need for secondary machining.

Innovative Equipment

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Our state-of-the-art equipment produces the best possible zinc die castings. A complete range of modern Techmire machines feature fast injection speeds and cycle times — creating intricate and detailed small components while keeping costs low. For larger castings, our conventional, real-time controlled Frech machines feature full robotic cell technology, including vision systems for monitoring sequence operations.

Secondary Operations & Finishes

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We also provide a full range of secondary operations to deliver zinc die castings and assemblies ready for use, including machining, finishing, assembly and testing. A variety of surface finishes are also available, including electroplating, chromating, polishing, painting, powder coating and others.

Complete Project Management

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At Inventix, we integrate our in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities for efficient and streamlined project flow. Our overall project management ensures completion and accuracy without exception. When you depend on Inventix as your zinc die casting manufacturer, every project is a success.

Engineering & Design

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Precision Tooling

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Go Beyond the Mold

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