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Benefits of Zamak and ZA-8

Zinc Die Cast Engine carburetor

Inventix Manufacturing uses zinc alloys in the die casting process because of their exceptional strength, durability and cost-effectiveness. These zinc materials have proven successful in an unlimited range of applications — from flawless chrome components for top-of-the-line motorcycles to complex, interlocking parts for sophisticated locking mechanisms.

Zinc Die Cast compX barrel

We use four top-quality zinc alloys — Zamak 3, Zamak 5, ZA-8 and Zamak 2 — because they offer unique advantages for creating high-precision die castings.

  • Zamak 3: As the most popluar zinc alloy, Zamak 3 features exceptional ductility and impact strength. It works very well with multiple plating and finishing options.
  • Zinc Die Cast fiber optic connector
  • Zamak 5: Typically used in automotive and small-engine applications, Zamak 5 exhibits excellent creep resistance, hardness and strength.
  • ZA-8: Even stronger than Zamak 3 and 5, ZA-8 is the ideal choice for hot chamber casting projects. It also works well with multiple plating and finishing options.
  • Zamak 2: Compared to other Zamak alloys, Zamak 2 offers higher creep performance and long-term strength and hardness. It serves as an excellent bearing material and has been known to eliminate the need for bushings and wear inserts in die cast components.
Zinc Die Cast oil dipstick

Zamak 3, Zamak 5, ZA-8, and Zamak 2 are well-suited for the die casting process due to their ability to:

  • Produce very thin walls and near net shapes
  • Achieve high levels of accuracy
  • Offer temperature flexibility up to 150° F
  • Provide reliability with superior bearing properties
  • Exhibit increased wear resistance  

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