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Zinc Die Casting:

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Zinc Die Casting Advantages

Zinc Die Cast fiber optic connector

Zinc die casting from Inventix Manufacturing delivers the level of product quality and production efficiency that helps our customers stay competitive. We exclusively use zinc alloys in our die casting process because they offer greater quality benefits than other materials commonly used in casting and molding.

The unique properties of zinc include:

  • High-Quality Casting Capabilities: Zinc can achieve tighter tolerances than molded plastics or cast aluminum. Zinc offers a thin wall castability and the ability to cast to print with little to no draft.
  • Superior Mechanical Properties: Zinc features excellent bearing and tensile strength, as well as rigidity. Zinc Die Cast misc piece
  • Exceptional Physical Properties: Zinc conducts electricity while dissipating heat.
  • Multiple Finishing Options: Zinc is suitable for a variety of finishing options for cosmetic and anti-corrosion purposes, including: electroplating, overmolding, powder coating, chrome plating, PVD (physical vapor deposition) and CVD (chemical vapor deposition).
  • Environmentally Sustainable: All zinc materials are non-toxic and can be recycled.

Relative Characteristics of Die Casting Alloys

  Aluminum Brass Magnesium Zinc
Dimensional stability Good Excellent Excellent Good
Corrosion resistance Good Excellent Fair Fair
Casting ease Good Fair Good Excellent
Part complexity Good Fair Good Excellent
Dimensional accuracy Good Fair Excellent Excellent
Die cost Medium High Medium Low
Machining cost Low Medium Low Low
Finishing cost Medium Low High Low

Mechanical Properties of Die Casting Alloys

  Aluminum Brass Magnesium Zinc
Tensile strength, ksi 47 55 34 41
Yield strength, ksi 23 30 23 -
Shear strength, ksi 28 37 30 31
Fatigue strength, ksi 20 25 14 7
Elongation, % 3.5 15 3.0 10
Hardness (Brinell) 80 91 63 82
Density, lbs/cu in .098 .305 .066 .24
Thermal conductivity, .23 .21 .16 .27
Thermal expansion, in/in/ºF x 10^6 12.1 12.0 15.0 15.2
Modulus of elasticity, psi x 10^6 10.3 15 6.5 -
Charpy impact strength, ft/lb 3.0 40 2.0 43.0

Tooling Capabilites

Our specialists exceed industry standards in developing high-precision tooling.
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From Plastic to Zinc

Inventix developed a complex 44NT Techmire tool to create a starter rope recoil helix for an engine manufacturer.
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Go Beyond the Mold

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